Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ringo Knobs


1. Buy a "RINGO" knob from any provider. Mine are from QParts. They come in chrome/gold/and black (not really black but smoked chrome, like cosmo black).
They come with all kinds of tops in assorted colors.

2. Rubber "O-rings" from Ace Hardware Large: #13 Smaller: #12

3. Snap the #13 into the bottom groove, snap the #12 into the top groove.

4. VIOLA' Your new modern version of the Classic Ibanez "beehive" knobs with rubber inserts. The only differences are these only have 2 rubber inserts & the rubber inserts don't sit as flush as the old "beehive" knobs

The finished knobs look GREAT and work even better, especially for volume swells.
AND, you can buy a supply of the rubber O-rings for replacing cracked dried out rubber inserts. Each rubber O-ring costs about 50 cents.

Source : fretrunr @ The Guitar Matrix -


The OLD Ibanez Ringo knobs have 3 slots for the rubber O-rings.
The modern day Ringo knobs only have 2 slots.
IF you are replacing worn out, dried out original rubber O-rings
on the original Ibanez ringo knobs, you will have to use 3
different sized O-rings.

Source : fretrunr @ The Guitar Matrix -

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