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X50 V2 TEST2

X50 V2 TEST2

Friday, September 3, 2010

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Seymour Duncan:
SH-1 59: Bit harder sounding than a PAF. Has kind of a vintage sound is good for blues, classic rock, and hard rock. Most common in neck position but is found in the bridge also. Decent cleans but has better od then the jazz- versatile.
Pros: Versatile.
Cons: Jack of all trades.
Hint: great for neck position use with high output bridge humbucker- has good cleans but takes nicely to overdrive too.

Ibanez Identification Guide

I'll start with pickup configurations
*10 single Bridge HB
*20 dual HB rear route
*30 Three Single coils (seen both rear and front route)
*40 HSS Rear route
*50 HSH frount route
*60 HSS front route
*65 H S rear route
*70 HSH rear route

Useful Diagrams

O.K. We get a lot of noobs on here asking questions. From time to time someone posts a diagram to help explain something that's quite useful. But when you want to find it again so you can use it in one of your own posts, you just can't be bothered to search through a lot of threads to find it.......

... so why not put all the diagrams in one thread, that people can use as a reference library to link to. (might even get stickied). Think of it as clipart to paste into your own posts. Just bookmark this thread.

Neck Restoration Guide


Well, I finally decided to fix up my S540FMTP. I sanded the finish off the back of the neck and tungoiled it. I used 80, 100, 220, 320, 400, 1500, 2000, 3600 and 6000 grit paper and micro mesh. I also used some 0000 steel wool. I rolled the binding a little more too.

Some pics..


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Guitar Cab Sim - Impulses

Use this with TSE X30. Comes with two impulses. Can load the many others that are available free online.

It's stereo as well. :)