Thursday, November 5, 2009

Control It....

Nothing sucks more than using a software DAW, and being fader-less. A control surface increases productivity and its just a way more effective way to mix.

Unfortunately - Control surfaces are not typically cheap, or even 'affordable'. But $140 can net you the Behringer BCF and give you everything an 003 does, except audio ins and outs and an LCD screen. What it does give you is FULL Mackie HUI functionality via a simple firmaware update. This works on all platforms, and virtually EVERY DAW - Incl. ProTools, Reaper, Logic and DP. Best CS on the market anywhere, and the price is absurd. My unit has never had a moments problem - Excited to have the two new white ones on the way to extend my 'mixer' to 24 faders, needless to say.


Source : rob @ The Guitar Matrix -

  • Unique, total recall cascadable desktop MIDI controller with analog feel and an intuitive user interface
  • 8 ultra-precise 100-mm motorized faders for ultimate control of virtual mixers, organ-drawbars (inverse mode) or virtual synths and samplers
  • 4 virtual groups with 8 dual-mode, high-resolution encoders that feature LED rings and an additional push function
  • 16 + 4 illuminated buttons freely assignable to all types of MIDI functions from note on/off, control change and program change to MMC and system exclusive data
  • All panel elements freely assignable—manually or via user-friendly learn mode
  • Additional multi-function foot switch and foot controller connectors can be used to address all types of MIDI data
  • 32 user presets each with 4 encoder groups
  • Configurable MIDI and USB modes for ultra-flexible system integration
  • 1 MIDI In plus 2 MIDI Outs, usable as an additional USB to MIDI interface
  • Multi-function 4-digit LED display with real-time parameter indication plus write-in fields for your own labeling
  • MIDI input with merge function for cascading several control units
  • Easy connection to any computer/expander, etc. using standard MIDI In/Out connectors
  • Generic USB MIDI support with Windows XP and Mac OS X operating systems

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